CMS 5 Axis CNC Router PKB3616-TUCU

CMS 5 Axis CNC Router PKB3616-TUCU

Stock Number: 7009


Age: 2002

Condition: As Is, Where Is

Structure and Carriage Movements ~ CNC Machining Center with a fixed working plane and overlapping axes movement. The machine base is made of thick, welded, stabilized steel, designed for strength and rigidity. The structure includes two supports on the sides for the back beam. The X axis movement is carried out by an overhanging structure sliding along the base. The Y axis transversal movement is carried out by a carriage sliding on this overhanging structure. The vertical Z axis overlaps the Y carriage. The carriages move via four-way recirculating ball track bearings on large cross section, interchangeable, inserted guide ways (STAR Type) which are hardened and ground. Axis movement is controlled by AC brushless servomotors. The movement of each axis takes place with a hardened and ground precision rack in which precision pinion meshes. Work Area ~ The machine has a steel worktable with threaded holes for attaching fixtures. ~ The table is made in a grid pattern with rectangular openings that allow the scrap material to fall through and not build up on the table. Working Unit ~ Working Unit type "TUCU" The head is equipped with two NC controlled rotating axes, the forth and fifth axis, allowing the head to be rotated in any direction. The axes are moved by AC motors coupled with high precision reduction units. The head is equipped with a special spindle with bearings designed for high rotation speeds. The electrospindle is cooled by a liquid refrigeration system that recirculates the coolant. The electrospindle is equipped with an automatic toolchanging ability with an HSK 63F connection that works with an eight (8) place toolchanging rack mounted under the center of the X axis. ~ The toolchanging rack is equipped with a rotating cover with an air-blowing device. ~ The static frequency converter constantly regulates the speed and the rotational direction of the electrospindle. A Youtube video of this machine can be seen at:

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Table Size143.30" x 53.54"
Travel Size X x Y x Z141.73" x 64.96" x 47.24"
B Axis Travel+/- 120 degrees
C Axis Travel450 degrees
Rapid Traverse X & Y2559.0"/min.
Rapid Traverse Z1181.1"/min
Rapid Traverse B30 rpm
Rapid Traverse C30 rpm
Spindle Speed1,000 - 22,000 RPM
Spindle Power10kW (13.4 HP) at 12,000 rpm
Vacuum Plant140 Cubic Meters/Hr Dry Vacuum
Air Required90 PSI
Electrical Requirements480V/3Phz/60Hz
Machine dimensions276"L x 130"W x 130"H
Machine Weight18,000 Lbs

Equipped With:
* Controller OSAI S10/565 64 bit * 10.4" TFT Color Monitor * 680 Mb Hard Drive * Integrated Ethernet Connection ~ Spindle: TUCU Liquid Cooled Electrospindle ~ 8 Position Auto Tool Changer: Rack Type ~ Frequency Converter w/Rotation Speed ~ RPM 1,000 - 22,000 rpm * Two (2) Groups of Vacuum Connections; Ten (10) Connections Each * Removable Central Shield for Pendular Machining * Electrical Control Cabinet with Air Conditioning Unit * Centralized Compressed Air System with Filter Assembly * Automatic Lubrication * Remote Push-Button Panel * Automatic Opening Doors ** Custom vacuum tables pictured are NOT included with the machiine.


CMS 5 Axis CNC Router PKB3616-TUCU
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