Agie Progress 3 Wire EDM

Agie Progress 3 Wire EDM

Stock Number: 0749

Agie Progress 3

Age: 2006

Condition: As Is, Where Is

Key Points * Four sided table with universal clamping frame. * Wire sizes down to 0.004" - 0.013". Finishes of 0.2 Ra. * IPG Generator has 4 power modules and a modern design and technology that delivers finer spark gap for better part geometry and surface finish. It also has low power consumption and takes up a minimum amount of space. * Jogbox, a handy, manual operations hand box. Use it for set up functions, axis movements, cycle start/stop and emergency stop. * ACsetup 3D includes a probing system that checks the top surface of a workpiece and programs the angle of the EDM wire to match the A/B angle of the workpiece. After the wire is square to the work being machined, the wire picks up a specified side surface and then rotates the program to match the C-skew of the block. The system then uses the wire to pick up a reference on the workpiece using one of the pick-up macros in ACvision. These values are automatically loaded into the control under a specific file name. This feature can be programmed off-line and executed unattended. ACsetup 3D saves an average of 20 minutes per part when compared to traditional methods of workpiece set up. * Usersquence - allows for on the machine manipulation of cutting sequences for optimizing operator strategies for more accurate and efficient part completion - all without having to go back to an offline CAM system for post processing * Contact Manager - Access your GF AgieCharmilles EDM off-line through the standard Ethernet connection. This unique feature enables the user to monitor or run the Agie system from a remote location. It also provides for real time support from the OEM applications and service agent. A Youtube video of this machine cutting can be seen at:

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Travels X, Y, Z19.7" x 13.7" x 16.8"
U, V+/- 2.75"
Maximum Workpiece Size41.3" x 25.6" x 16.5"
Maximum Submersible Height10.0"
Maximum Workpiece Weight1,763 lbs
Rapid Traverse35.43 IPM
Max Cutting Speed47" sq/hr
Wire Diameter Capability.004" - .013"
Wire Guide TypeIdexable Zero Universal "V"
ContactsIndexable Carbide
Max Taper Angle, Height Standard+/- 30 deg @ 3.93"
Wire Spool SizeMax 55 lbs
Control/Servo Resolution0.000004"
Repeatability, Pa0.000080"
ProcessorsDual Pentium
Machine Dimensions (LRxFBxH)77" x 91" x 103"
Machine Weight9,900 lbs

Equipped With:
* Agievision 4 CNC Control (OS2) * 47 Sq" / Hour OEM Maximium Speed Rating * Dual Feedback Measuring System * Universal Wire-Guide System - Agie Patented V-Guide System * IPG Generator * 4 Sided Table * Automatic Wire Threader * Submerged Cutting Capability * Heidenhein Glass Scales * Agiesetup 3D Probe System * Variocut * Usersequence * AgieJogbox - Hand Controller * Advantage Electric Chiller * Transformer * All Available Manuals and Accessories ** Table Backrail & Vise Shown are NOT Included With the Machine.


Agie Progress 3 Wire EDM
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