Agie Charmilles Cut 200 mS Wire EDM

Agie Charmilles Cut 200 mS Wire EDM

Stock Number: 0719

Agie Charmilles Cut 200 mS

Age: 2013

Condition: As Is, Where Is

The CUT 200 is the most versatile machine range on the market, capable of cutting 45 cones, and can do this whatever the height of the part. The principle of crossed double guiding of the X, Y, U and V axes independently and of the same dimensions, allows machining to be done with a large taper, thus widening the scope of possible applications for wire spark erosion. * Industrial cutting speed up to 400 mm2/min at low cost * Fast improvement of the surface quality (three cuts) * Fast threading : 20 secs spark to spark * Traveling speed 3 m/min secured by a proven collision protection * Taper-Expert smart module for best taper accuracy

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Travels13.78" x 8.66" x 8.66"
U, V Travel13.78" x 8.66"
Wire Diameter Capabilty.006" - .013"
Wire Diamter Guides Included.010"
Wire Spool Capacity17.6 Lbs
Taper Angle - Std (Opt)+/- 30 Deg/8.66" (+- 45 Deg)
Work Piece Dimensions39.37" x 21.65" x 8.66"
Table Dimensions26.77" x 17.72"
Max. Work Piece Weight1,653 Lbs
Electrical Requirement200-480V/3Phz/60Hz
Machine Weight5,400 Lbs
Machine Dimensions79" x 86" x 78"

Equipped With:
* Millennium CNC Control with 15" Color CRT * 35 AMP CC Digital Generator * Submerged Cutting * Automatic Wire Threader * Glass Scale Feedback (X,Y,U,&V) * Thermo Stabilization * Large Wire Spooler (44 lbs) * Wire Chopper * Collision Protection on All Axis * Electric Chiller * Transformer * All Available Manuals and Accessories


Agie Charmilles Cut 200 mS Wire EDM
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