Agie Legend 315/3 Fully Refurbished Wire EDM

Agie Legend 315/3 Fully Refurbished Wire EDM

Stock Number: 0691

Agie 315

Age: 1983

Condition: * Fully Refurbished

Agie is the premier manufacturer of electrical discharge machining systems and are partners to the best EDM shops in the world -- with over 15,000 users and an installed base of 40,000 wire-cut and die-sinking EDM systems is testament to their success. The /3 version of the DEM 315 is the more sought after version of this series. The 100D Generator includes TechStar's FAST-TRACK 2 for even better speeds and extra features. It packs the ACC (Automatic Current Control) option! ACC means the machine adjusts frequencies automatically to different cutting conditions, allowing better efficiency and less operator intevention! These are really nice features that really work! The UV head travels a full 35mm to provide greater tapering ability! This machine gives you 220mm (8.66 in) of Z height travel. The CNC 100 control has Advanced Conic capabilities enabling 3D cuts and Iso Radius tapering.

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Machining Stroke ( X x Y x Z )6" x 12" x 4.66"
Taper Capacity+/- 5 Deg. in 2.36"
Taper U-V Travel.689"
Table Resolution.000040"
Maximum Amperage30 Amps
Electrical Requirements380V/3Phz/60Hz
Approximate Footprint86"LR x 98"FB x 80"H
Approximate Machine Weight2,970 lbs

Equipped With:
* Fastrack 2.0 * Generator MS/3 * RS-232 Port * Carbide Circuitry * DE Filtration System * Transformer * All Original Manuals, Alignment Gage, and Complete Set of Accessories


Agie Legend 315/3 Fully Refurbished Wire EDM
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