Makino SP64 Wire EDM

Makino SP64 Wire EDM

Stock Number: 0684

Makino SP64

Age: 2006

Condition: As Is, Where Is

The SP64 machine is an extremely fast wire-cutting machine, able to hold tolerances of ±5 microns. The unit can be used for many diverse applications, from tall workpieces to precision small holes. The SP64 generates a surface finish of 16µmRy on one pass, shape accuracy of three-pass machining in just two passes with a surface finish 12µmRy and a surface finish of 4µmRy with an overall speed of 94mm2/min. in three-pass machining. The programmable auto-threading unit of the SP64 has a 15-second thread time. Field-proven, two-piece "V" type wire guide improves accuracy and reliability. The wire guide is cleaned by simply opening the guide and wiping it with a cotton swab. Cleaning takes only a few minutes. Since the wire guide is not removed, there is no need to align the wire vertically after cleaning. The wire generally accounts for 40% of the total running cost. By controlling the feedrate, the SP64 reduces the running cost substantially. Filters, energizing plates and other consumables are available at lower cost than before. Optimal control of the spark discharge condition achieves stable machining of workpieces involving step differences without any wire breakage.

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Travels (X,Y,Z)25.6" x 15.7" x 16.5"
Travels (U,V)+/- 30 deg
Table Size36.6" x 26.8"
Tank Size42.0" x 34.6"
Maximum Workpiece Size42" x 31.9" x 16.5"
Maximum Workpiece Weight2,645 lbs
Maximum Wire Spool Capacity44 lbs
Machine Footprint132" x 131" x 96"H
Machine Weight12,566 lbs

Equipped With:
* Makino MGW-5 III CNC Control * 12" Color TFT * Automatic Wire Threader * Large Wire SPool (44lb) * Submerged Machining Capability * Optional 16.5" Z-Axis Travel * Dual Access Door * Zeroline Stainless Table * Remote Hand Control w/LED Readout * Worklight * Electric Chiller * All Available Manuals and Accessories


Makino SP64 Wire EDM
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