Mitsubishi FA-20 Wire EDM

Mitsubishi FA-20 Wire EDM

Stock Number: 0639

Mitsubishi FA-20

Age: 2001

Condition: * Hitech Verified

The FA Series is Mitsubishi Electric's newest wire EDM machine that supplies customers the optimum solution by incorporating the world's fastest technologies. This machine series sets new standards that thoroughly pursue the goal of "Fast, Easy, and Reliable" operation. It also showcases Mitsubishi's continuous dedication to high precision. Features: * 10 Second Threading System * AT Device for Various Wire Types including Coated Wires * Wire Break-point Insertion and Submerged Threading * New-style Wire Tension System * AT Self-cleaning Process * VF Monitor - Real-time Cutting Speed Graphic * New-style Work Tank Seal Plate Mechanism A Youtube video of a sister machine we recently sold can be seen at:

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Machining Stroke ( X x Y x Z )13.7" x 19.6" x 11.8"
Machining Stroke ( U x V )+/- 1.25"
Maximum Workpiece Size41.3" x 31.4" x 11.8"
Table Size30.7" x 24.8"
Tank Dimensions42" x 32" x 12"
Taper Capacity+/-30 Degrees
Taper Angle @ Thickness15 deg @ 3.93"
Maximum Workpiece Weight1,763 lbs
Maximum Drive Unit / Resolution0.00001mm / 2 Millionths
Min Hole Diameter.02"
Wire Diameter Capability STD (Optional).008" - .012" (.004" - .006")
Max. Wire Spool Size STD (Optional)22 lb (44 lb)
Dielectric Water Capacity190 gal
Approximate Machine System Dimensions101.5" L x 104.3"W x 82.7"H
Approximate Machine System Weight9,170 lbs

Equipped With:
* Mitsubishi 64 Bit High-Speed CNC Control * Submerged Machining Capability * Automatic Wire Threader (AT) * Anti-Electrolysis Power Supply (AE3-HS) * Power Master 2 - Automatic Varying Part Thickness Optimization * Corner Master II - Precision Corner Control * 3D Graphic Function * All Stainless Steel Machine Tank & Fluid Tank * Electric Chiller * Filtration System * All Available System Disks, Manuals, and Accessories


Mitsubishi FA-20 Wire EDM
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