Charmilles Robofil 390 Wire EDM

Charmilles Robofil 390 Wire EDM

Stock Number: 0615

Charmilles Robofil 390

Age: 2003

Condition: As Is, Where Is

The Charmilles Robofil 390 has some great key features. It employs a compact two-piece design. This compact design makes the Robofil a desirable space saving option for your machine tool needs. The Robofil 390 is a traveling wire machine. The workpiece remains stationary; the best design for loading heavy parts up to 2204 lbs. Accuracy of movement remains the same regardless of the load. The Robofil 390 automatic wire threading system, called ThermoCut, has no moving parts for maintenance free operations. ThermoCut is also a high speed threading system with a threading time of 10 seconds and a wire cut time of 20 seconds, making this new threading system highly productive in multiple threading situations. The Robofil 390 will cut 15 taper at 3.94" inches in height. This makes it an ideal wire machine for the die stamping industry, form tool industry, as well as job shops. Glass scales are standard on X and Y axes. They provide the highest possible degree of positioning accuracy. They provide true closed-loop feedback, maintain accuracy for the life of the machine. The Robofil 390 has a generator developed for high cutting speeds. A cutting speed of over 28 sq. in./hr., along with protection strategies that prevents wire breakage and ensures high speed and accurate automatic machining. Variable height, entry and exit from the workpieces, as well as machining near the edges, are critical operations. An unsuitable spark intensity, too high of a speed or insufficient flushing may cause wire breakage. Built into the control, a powerful protection strategy will automatically optimize speed, flushing and spark intensity in order to prevent wire breakage. Standard Charmilles wire EDM feature that automatically adjusts flushing pressure, wire tension, and frequency to eliminate wire drag in sharp corners and small details. A mineral cast material used in measuring machines, grinders and now EDM machines. It is insensitive to short term temperature fluctuation and has up to 10 times greater vibration damping than cast iron. Rhenocast will not rust or corrode, even if the base is in contact with water. A Youtube video of this machine can be seen at:

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X/Y/Z Travels15.75" x 11.81" x 9.84"
U/V Travel1.18" x 1.18"
Maximum Taper Angle / Height+/- 30 degrees at 2.04"
Taper Angle / Height+/- 15 degrees at 4.33"
Maximum Workpiece Dimensions38.6" x 28.7" x 9.84"
Maximum Workpiece Weight2,204 Lbs
Speed of Axis Movement0 - 35 ipm
Max. Cutting Speed (0.012" Coated Wire in D2 Steel 56Rc at 2.0" Thick)28" sq/hour
Communication InterfaceRS 232/RS 422
Dielectric Capacity66 Gal
Machine Dimensions76.77" x 100.4" x 78.7"
Machine Weight7,165 Lbs

Equipped With:
* Charmilles Millennium CNC Control Equipped With: 12.1" Color CRT, CT-EXPERT, Graphics, Integrated Strategies, Program Editing During Machining, Help Menu, Restart After Power Failure, On Board Documentation * Automatic Wire Threading * Non-Submerged Machining Capability * Charmilles Generator Equipped with: Pilot Expert, Profil Expert * Four-Sided Zeroline Stainless Steel Table * USB Port Upgrade * Filtration Unit - 2 Paper Filter Capacity * Electric Chiller * Transformer * All Available Manuals and Disks ** Table tooling pictured is NOT included with the machine


Charmilles Robofil 390 Wire EDM
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