Mitsubishi/Ingersoll Gantry 500 CNC Sinker EDM

Mitsubishi/Ingersoll Gantry 500 CNC Sinker EDM

Stock Number: 1373

Ingersoll Gantry 500

Age: 1997

Condition: * Hitech Verified

The Ingersoll Gantry 500 features a dual 32-bit, Mitsubishi CNC Control that enables faster data processing and servo control. The machine's unique construction provides thermal stability and rigidity and features a 4-sided drop tank design that allows work-area access from all sides. The gantry-type design is a fixed tale along with 3-sided access to the table. Access to the workpiece is very convenient. At the same time, the Gantry-style is prepared to work large, heavy workpieces with the utmost accuracy. Features include: * FP (Fine-Pulse) Power Supply reduces finishing time and decreases sludge-in gap problem. * MF Fuzzy Logic automatically finds variations and adjusts machining conditions to comply with variations. * E.S.P.E.R (Easy Simple Programming by Expert System) reduces machining time and tailors machining conditions to fit the specifics of machining sequence, positioning patterns, multiple electrode, etc. A Youtube video of this machine operating can be seen at:

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Travels (X,Y,Z)20.7" x 15.7" x 14.7"
Work Tank Dimensions29.5" x 25.6" x 16.5"
Work Table Dimensions28.7" x 24.8"
Allowable Weight on Table2,200 lbs
Distance Table to Platen5.3"-20.0"
Maximum Amperage60 Avg/80 Peak Amps
Max. Electrode Weight with C-Axis110 lbs
Max. Electrode Weight with AEC33 lbs
Dielectric Capacity105 gal
Electrical Requirement400V/3Phz/60 Hz/9 KVa
Machine Dimensions97"LR x 106"FB x 106"H
Machine Tool Weight9,592 lbs

Equipped With:
* Mitsubishi CNC Control * Mitsubishi FP60 Power Supply * 4-Sided Drop Tank Design * System 3R C Axis (Macro) * 20 Position Electrode Changer (3R Macro) * Dielectric Filtration System * Electric Chiller * Transformer * All Available Manuals and Accessories ** Table magnet and tooling pictured are not included with the machine.


Mitsubishi/Ingersoll Gantry 500 CNC Sinker EDM
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